Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

What i wore today?

 I went to my  best fren's wedd today.. she soo gorgeous with purple and pink, of course, theme.. then we went to times square looking for man in black 3 or perhaps snow white, sadly its full for man in black and the snow white not release yet lorr.. then whats more!.. shopping leerr.. i definitely cannot resists any temptation to shop anything in sungei wang anything is damn pretty and  style and cheap sumore.. so i bought a pretty belt, a scarf and yes a beautiful top sincere gift from my husband..hahaha pity him always have to pay and pay.. tq babe..

 i love this top! really my style..  i need this more..! where can i find like this as its really hard to find.. and this what im wearing is the last piece when i bought it.. huhu

Jumaat, 25 Mei 2012


Trip to Penang.....

dont miss  the chance to have nasi kandar line clear

shoes shopping..

 In front of gurney plaza.. 

 on top of bendera hill

Yes for the second time of nasi kandar..

Ahad, 12 Februari 2012


what is my purpose to write this blog.. to be honest, i even do not know as im actually  the person who don't like to write and don't know how to rite.. main belasah jer.. some people say that peoples write blog just for fun, to express feeling.. some people say its for show off.. mybe.. but i don't know what my intention actually.. i just love looking at others people blog that is soo cool, inspiring, stylish and i just want to be like them.. to have a blog.. to post to write and to do what  i love to do in it.. it not really the matter to express who is me or telling people what i do daily... because i know not many people will view my blog.. sometimes i felt hypocrite doing sometime i don't like.. following other people and don't really know what i actually doing..

Jumaat, 27 Januari 2012

write! write! write!

how can I really improve my writing particularly my English..?? sihh. hate writing,, but i cannot run from it.. im soo jealous when I read other peoples' blog that can really wrote with superbly correctly English and it soo long!.. okla since from now on I wanna make pledge to my self that i wanna write anything, anything everyday.. everyday? hopefully.. in English through this blog.. in fact i had to prepared my self for my thesis..  oh sighh..  ok try la at least..
Soo.. now im on my holiday...for  2 month.. staying at home being housewife without doing anything but  facebooking, watching tv, sleeping, dreaming, and thats all.. But actually it is not only that , I have to start doing my thesis.. astagfirullahalazim.. how can I start.. I don't even know how, where to start.. before this semester break , my supervisor Dr salleh, but most people called him pok leh told me to start my questionnaire a week after my exam but now its already 3 week n i done nothing yet.. I dunno why I really2 scared  and freaking out of him.. everytime i want to call or meet him although i already meet him for like hundreds time..but no matter what I had to face him for the whole next semester..sihh.. I cannot run from him and I going to get through my last semester in master in Gastronomy then insyaallah im going to be a lecturer for Uitm..  Im I really fit for it..? for me I dont think so, but im just make my self to be brave and think that im better than anybody else.. errm..

Selasa, 24 Januari 2012


To make a grid-like pattern, fold the shirt like an accordion and bind it between two pieces of wood or other flat shaped objects. Hold the shirt in place by wrapping a series of rubber bands around the bind. Anything used to bind the clothing will prevent the bleach from penetrating, and the rest of the exposed fabric will bleach and turn color.

cool isnt it?


Ahad, 22 Januari 2012








LAST DAY : walking around the river while having mint ice cream.. cool!



Rabu, 7 September 2011

Im excited! deco! deco! deco!

Im soo badly excited waiting for my new house..but it takes like ages to be complete.. mybe middle next year or more..  so exited what kind deco that i want to do coz so many thing in my mind.. i really inspired by Rizalman home decoration after stalked his blog looking at his gorges  interior makeover.. n what im concern, more of his idea has been inspired from french style deco..there it something charming about the French elements and I do enjoy the French style a lot.. every details are my favourite like chandelier (spelling not sure ;p), earthy wall color paint , the furniture, the flower deco and many others..... and so these some of the awesome french style decoration that might be in my future house soon.. heheh
crystals ..candles ...and chandeliers ... its all about my favourite.

taken from

Extra beautiful is it? But I wonder why most of the Malaysian houses  not decorate their house like this.. hehe of course its cost lots of money for this.. but it so comfort and beautiful and I really want to have like diz more than anything..

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